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Ways of Payments

For your convenience, KYMA® offers the option for the following different ways of payment:

  • Cash on delivery
    The cash on delivery items is very popular method for electronic purchases. No use of any technical infrastructure or the use of a credit card is required. This service is absolutely safe without requiring the use of credit cards

    Extra debit: 3 €

  • Through bank accounts
    Pay the value of your order in the following bank accounts:
    EURO BANK: GR140 2600310000380200536467
    ALPHA BANK: GR850 1401220122002101321113
    ETHNIKI BANK: GR51 01100800000008043348500
  • Through Paypal
    PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money with just your email and password.

KYMA® does neither store not keep records of your credit cards details. For this reason, you will need to register anew every time you use your credit card for a transaction with our website.