Kyma Mini - Mal 7'0 Lover Boy
Kyma Mini - Mal 7'0 Lover Boy
Kyma Mini - Mal 7'0 Lover Boy
Kyma Mini - Mal 7'0 Lover Boy

Kyma Mini - Mal 7'0 Lover Boy

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The KYMA Mini Mal would make the perfect first 'proper' board after mastering the basics on a foamy or a moulded board in the surf school. Far from being purely a learners board, the KYMA Mini Mal is the ideal craft to progress your intermediate surfing and a good option for the longboarder looking for a more manoeuvrable board. This template offers easy wave catching with a nice stable platform that is still loose enough to really throw some turns from the tail. This classic shape has been fine tuned over the years by shapers who surf, so better surfers will have a blast on smaller days. The full nose allows the board to plane and catch waves early and the soft rails up front and sharp at the back are forgiving but with enough bite to hold in the bottom turn and in steeper waves.

EPOXY BAMBOO  TECHNOLOGY combines an EPS core with multiple layers of bias fiberglas and a .5mm bamboo veneer layer. This construction is dutrable and offers a nice flex with good memory recall properties. EPS bamboo boards  feel light and responsive with reliable performance. EPS  Bamboo Veneer construction models have a wooden center stringer for added strength.


DIMS: 7'0' x 22'' x 2'' 3/4 
epoxy construction
X-tra Foam
Resin Silmar
fcs fins